Maintain a loyal customer base through tailored messaging

Increase your sales by using our easy-to-use SHARA SMS API to send marketing messages in bulk, payment reminders, and promotional offers. Our SMS solutions also helps you build trust by sending targeted bulk SMS in Kenya and across the world during special occasions such holidays and birthdays.

What we offer

Bulk sms

Send mass SMS to your customers to their phone numbers with just a single click. Our SMS marketing software and API can enable you to reach your customers via Safaricom, Airtel and orange.

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Premium sms

Use our premium SMS service to send entertainment messages to your subscribers and start generating revenue. No need for a new platform for SMS because you can easily integrate our API with your existing systems.

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Two way sms

Communicate by opening a two-way channel using short codes and increase customer engagement. Two-way communication is a great way of sharing information and collecting feedback.

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No need to worry about complicated payment plans, just pay when you want to use our service.


With Shara sms, you do not need to worry about purchased SMS expiring before use.

Delivery report

You will always receive notifications that the intended numbers have received your messages.

Notification Services

We provide you with a notification feature to remind you of anything you need to communicate.

Two factor authentication

We ensure that your applications are highly secured.

Message Queuing

If you send a Bulk SMS right now with our API, all the intended recipients will get the message instantly.

Real time Analytics

You do not need to worry about text lags; our system is quite reliable to avoid such problems.

Collect Feedback

Sending a mass text to your customers and collecting their feedback has been made by our API.

All you need to build

Start your first SMS campaign

Our powerful API is built for simplicity making it easy to use by developers. Our API is also scalable and can easily integrate with existing systems such as ecommerce websites, Point-of-sale, HR systems and many more. Use our extensive guides, resources, free SMS for test and libraries to integrate with your existing systems.

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Reliable and Cheap Bulk SMS in Kenya that meet your business needs

Are you looking for a reliable but cheap bulk SMS service in Kenya to send individual transaction messages, bulk marketing messages or premium SMS to your subscribers? We’ve got you!

Shara SMS marketing software is a tool that your business can use to send permission-based bulk as well as individual messages to present and potential customers. You can use our SMS marketing platform or integrate with your existing software (application) such as point of sale or ecommerce website to send transactional messages, inform your customers about available promotional offers, or simply build trust by keeping in touch with your customers during holidays or special occasion such as birthday.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send bulk SMS in Kenya?

To send bulk SMS in Kenya, you first need to create an account with bulk SMS provide such as Shara SMS. Click on get started on the top of the menu and provide your names and phone number. You will receive a message (OTP) to verify your phone. Once registered, you will be requested to provide the company details and voila! You are ready to send bulk SMS in Kenya or any other country. The second step is to add the phone numbers of the people you need to send multiple SMS. You can add them manually or import them from other platforms such as point of sale or Safaricom Mpesa data sheet using our easy-to-use tool.

Once you have added your contact list of people you want to send bulk SMS to in Kenya, you can now click on the “Send Bulk SMS” button in your dashboard. You will be prompted to compose the message and add a contact group (list of contacts you want to send the message). Once you have added the contact groups, you simply click send and all the phone numbers in the contact group will receive the message instantly.

The cost of sending bulk SMS in Kenya varies depending on the number of people you want to message. Each SMS costs 1 Kenyan shilling. Therefore, if you have 50 contacts, it will cost you Ksh 50 to send bulk SMS. However, for a business with more than 20000 contacts, it will cost you Ksh 0.9 per SMS. Premium users who send 500k plus SMS, will incur a cust of Ksh 0.8 per SMS to send to all networks in Kenya such as Safaricom, Airtel Kenya and other Kenyan Telcos.

You can also send bulk SMS for free using SharaSMS platform. Once you register with us, you will get 10 free SMS to send to your contact list. As a developer, you can also get more SMS to send for free while integrating our API with other existing systems.

Yes, you can. All you need to do is add all the contact numbers regardless of their mobile carrier. Shara Bulk SMS API allows you to reach customers using Safaricom, Airtel, Orange and other mobile networks right from our SMS portal.

Yes, you can apply for a shortcode for your business that you can use to send branded messages right within Shara SMS API platform. Talk to our support team via livechat or contact us page to apply for a shortcode.

Ready to get started?

Do you wish to communicate to your clients via SMS but have no idea how to do it? Shara SMS provides you with an easy-to-use SMS API that will help you with your bulk and transactional messaging.