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Easy to Use Shara SMS Software: Say bye to hard to use Bulk SMS tools

There is no doubt that SMS is the best means of communication if you have a message to the world. But existing bulk SMS software’s, tools, and business API in Kenya are hard to use for a common mwana biashara. It has always been a struggle (even for us) to build a solid contact list of previous customers so that you can reach them whenever you have something new to offer to them. What makes it even harder for many businesses is the dynamics involved to integrate bulk SMS systems with your existing systems such as Point-of-sale, Mpesa portal (for collecting previous customers details) and Ecommerce shops for online businesses.

So, using SMS tools sucked for years, right? But no more. We have to launch an easy-to-use SMS software dubbed Shara SMS that you can use independently or integrate your existing systems. With Shara SMS you can send messages in bulk such as order confirmations, payment reminders, delivery confirmation and payment confirmation automatically. Our SMS solutions also help you build trust by sending targeted bulk SMS in Kenya and across the world during special occasions such as holidays and birthdays.

Shara SMS Tools and Marketing software for Small and Medium Enterprises

Easy-to-Use Bulk SMS Software and API

Unlike other Bulk SMS APIs in Kenya that requires technical knowledge or the help of a developer, Shara SMS software is easy to use that even a Mama mboga can use! You simply register by providing your details (name, email, and phone number), business details (Name, location, and industry), add your customer's contacts (you can add one by one or easily import from your phonebook or Mpesa portal by using our contact importing tool).

Transparent pricing (No hidden charges)

No need to worry about complicated payment plans, just pay when you want to use our service. We charge Ksh 1 per SMS and you only purchase enough SMS that you need to send. For corporate companies who purchase more than 20,000 SMS, we charge Ksh0.9 per SMS and for Enterprise companies who purchase more than 100,000 SMS, we only charge Ksh 0.8 per SMS

If you need a branded sender ID (That is, the person who receives the message gets the message from your own branded name) then you will be required to pay a set-up fee of 10,000.

Dedicated SMS Marketing Expert to guide you through

Unlike other bulk SMS companies, we are committed to ensuring that you get the best value thus make your business grow. For that reason, we will assign you a marketing manager to provide you with the setup process, answer all the questions on how to best use Shara SMS and provide expert advice on how to conduct SMS marketing that will drive sales.

Developed by A strong IT firm with the Best Developers

Shara SMS is a product of Shara Solutions, one of the best IT firms in Kenya with top talent when it comes to software development, System design and implementation, System integration and more.

The core philosophy of what we build as a brand is a simplicity. We create systems that are easy to understand and impossible to ignore. With our team and our marketing tool, you will be able to create simplified messages that help clarify who you are and what you stand for. We build solid systems that will help you create an interactive and seamless experience that resonates with today's consumer-centric, ever-changing business environment. Our design approach is based on the following principle “Experiences that people enjoy form the strongest connection between your brand and audience”

So, get ready to delight your customers easily and scale your business through Shara SMS marketing Software and API.

What we offer

Bulk sms

Send mass SMS to your customers to their phone numbers with just a single click. Our SMS marketing software and API can enable you to reach your customers via Safaricom, Airtel and orange.

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Premium sms

Use our premium SMS service to send entertainment messages to your subscribers and start generating revenue. No need for a new platform for SMS because you can easily integrate our API with your existing systems.

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Two way sms

Communicate by opening a two-way channel using short codes and increase customer engagement. Two-way communication is a great way of sharing information and collecting feedback.

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